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At some point in the bright future of medicine, I hope to see a time when we can treat disease and maintain ideal health without taking daily supplements. Unfortunately, at this time in human history and with what we currently know medically, both health and disease need to be treated with supplements. This is confusing for some people. Even my residency director said that if you’re taking supplements you’re not doing anything other than making expensive urine. Through the years of my practice, I have come to understand that this is a misconception that many people have.

But let us not base important medical decisions on lack of information, misleading opinions disguised as medical advice, or biased ignorance.

Here are the facts:

  • Every food product you eat today has less than half the nutrition it used to have in the 1950’s. This is a result of over-farming, lack of crop rotation and the overuse of herbicides, pesticides and other chemicals. This combination of circumstances both deprives the soil of nutrients and causes the nutrients that aren’t depleted to be bound in the soil and therefore inaccessible to the plant. Therefore, you must now eat two apples to equal the nutrition of one apple that your grandparents used to eat.
  • Human lives are stressful and stress is known to deplete your nutrient status as well as to tax the cellular functioning in your body. We need extra nutrition to help us to recover or even to maintain our health in the face of the higher levels of stress and chronic sleep deprivation most people in today’s society face.
  • In our current environment, we are exposed to tens of thousands of chemical toxins on a regular basis, less than 5% of which are tested for human use or safety. We require much higher nutrition in our foods in order to eliminate these toxins from our human bodies. Toxins that don’t get eliminated get stored in our tissues creating an environment ripe for the development of disease.
  • For many medical concerns, supplementing with specific nutrients has been shown in research to have dramatic positive benefit on symptoms as well as disease outcomes. I always follow the research to determine how to tailor each person’s individualized needs and improve their health.

All of my patients are on supplements. All of my patients benefit noticeably from taking them. There are occasionally problems that people face while trying to take supplements. I can help you overcome these problems if you are faced with these concerns.
After each appointment, I will make specific recommendations for supplements and will direct you to appropriate places to get them. I can also work with your current supplement list and help you make adjustments to tailor your supplements more for your health concerns.

Quality Matters:

I do not own any supplement line. I do work with a few supplement companies that provide a much higher, pharmaceutical grade, FDA quality supplements. You would be surprised how many fillers, inactive ingredients, useless or even harmful additives, poorly thought out combinations and very low quality ingredients are in most supplements. Recently, third party research showed that a supplement that claimed to have “the best pharmaceutical grade nutrients” in their product, had no human-absorbable nutrients in it at all! You can not buy supplements over the counter and expect to get great results. I recommend specific supplements and combinations chosen for their ingredients, purity, research and cost.

I exclusively recommend supplements that are:

  • Made in the USA when possible
  • Made in NSF approved facilities (National Sanitation Foundation) — required for professional athletes
  • US GMP Certified
  • USP Pharmaceutical grade ingredients
  • Endorsed or designed by physicians or
  • Based on scientific evidence
  • Clinically proven formulations
  • Formulated with full strength ingredients
  • Tested for heavy metals and other impurities

To assure that my patients get the best quality of nutritional supplementation, I work with an online store called Doctor’s Supplement Store.

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