Stories of people who worked with us to restore their health

welcome  Oklahoma City, OK

Lupus & MRSA / 32 year old female

32 year old female with lifelong medical problems, psoriasis, IBS and chronic fatigue develops joint pain, increasing abdominal pain and malar rash.Testing confirms systemic lupus and it is determined that autoimmune disease has probably been present since she was an infant. She has been on healthy diet and supplements for over a decade, which is how she maintained her health. But due to new exposure and infection with MRSA, she gets deathly ill.MRSA treated with oral antibiotics twice, then with IV antibiotics when she developed sepsis.The infection keeps returning as boils that have to be treated with repeated antibiotic therapy which works, but she gets sicker and sicker. She has worsening symptoms and rising lupus markers in her blood. Unable to take immunomodulating drugs due to MRSA recurrence and intolerant to other medications for lupus, her doctors say she will die.Her treatment program included hyperbaric oxygen, acupuncture, tailored IV therapy, customized supplements, treatment for mercury toxicity, food elimination diet then rotation, treatment for yeast overgrowth and low dose naltrexone. Extensive labs revealed multiple abnormalities that were not caught by traditional testing and these were all corrected. She improved her sleep habits and began meditating daily to reduce stress.Fourteen years later, she is still taking supplements and maintains healthy lifestyle. She has had no recurrence of MRSA in 12 years. She has no signs or symptoms of lupus and normal blood tests for 10 years. Her intestinal symptoms are nearly completely resolved with only mild symptoms when she has high life stress. Psoriasis is mostly resolved. She is clear headed and a leader at work, often thought to be decades younger than her age.

welcome  Oklahoma City, OK

Multiple Sclerosis / 46 year old female

46 year old female, executive with demanding job who wants to return to full work. She had already cleaned up her diet, was taking supplements, had been tested for heavy metal toxicity and treated but was still experiencing difficulty with brain fog, severe fatigue and debilitatingly frequent exacerbations of MS and poor sleep quality. Her treatment plan included low dose naltrexone, rythmic bio-identical hormone replacement, adrenal support, correction of multiple factors on individualized and extensive blood work. She was tested and treated for food sensitivities and put on a personalized diet plan. We started working with stress reduction, meditation and sleep improvement. Supplements were optimized based on her blood work and symptoms. She began sleeping better within 2 weeks. Her energy levels improved and brain fog started to clear within a month. Exacerbations became less frequent and stopped entirely after 2 years. She has now been back at work for 6 years without an exacerbation. Her last MRI done 10 years after she started integrative medicine treatment showed that the lesions in her brain and spinal cord had decreased from 5 MS lesions to only 2 remaining MS lesions.

welcome  Oklahoma City, OK

Autoimmune Hepatitis / 9 year old Female

9 year old female with ADHD who had chronic abdominal pain and headaches. Labs showed elevated liver function tests, inflammatory markers and elevated ANA (an autoimmune marker). An ultrasound of the liver showed indications of chronic liver disease. She had a biopsy which confirmed autoimmune hepatitis.
Her parents brought her for integrative evaluation and treatment at 11 years old after she’d had multiple relapses and progressive disease despite medications. Her medications were recurrent prednisone and immunomodulating drugs. At the time of presentation, she was having no improvement in the abdominal pain, headaches or lab markers of disease and additionally felt fatigued, was overweight and moody, and had poor dietary habits.
Her treatment plan included a GAPS diet with food allergy testing and treatment, supplements, reflexology, frequency specific microcurrent and neurofeedback for 3 weeks. She was started on low dose naltrexone.
She has had fewer exacerbations, that have become shorter, not as severe, responded better to therapy and became further apart. She has had close to normal liver function tests and only moderately elevated ANA on labs for 5 years. She is also doing well in school, is better behaved, and her weight is healthier. She remains on diet, supplement and low dose medication management without immunomodulating drugs or prednisone.

welcome  Oklahoma City, OK

Asthma & Allergies / 19 year old male

19 year old male with severe asthma requiring rescue inhaler 1-4 times daily despite daily oral and inhaled medications. He had multiple upper respiratory infections every year requiring antibiotics and prednisone. He had already made all household changes, used air purifiers, removed dairy, and was taking supplements.
His treatment plan included targeted supplement adjustment, treatment for gastrointestinal yeast overgrowth, food sensitivity testing with dietary changes based on results and low dose naltrexone. He was also given a lung flute, taught breathing techniques and breath holding exercises.
Within a month he was already using less of his rescue inhalers and was having some days without needing them at all. Within three months he was completely tapered off prednisone and all but one daily inhaler. He has now been 7 years without an ER visit or more than rare use of rescue inhalers and no more than one upper respiratory infection a year.

welcome  Oklahoma City, OK

Ulcerative Colitis / 15 year old male

15 y.o. male, UC discovered incidentally after car accident. He was below average height, decreasing growth rate since he was 13, medical testing hadn’t found the cause. He felt fatigued a lot, didn’t feel he was performing as well as he could in basketball or school. He had no GI symptoms.
His blood testing confirmed UC, he had mild anemia, high inflammation. On colonoscopy, he had lesions typical of UC. His parents didn’t want him on immunosuppressive medications or steroids due to the side effects of these medications.
His treatment plan started with diet change: gluten/casein free, organic,‘food that’s just food’, food allergy testing with elimination/rotation diet. His supplements were tailored based on extensive blood work and GI testing. He was started on low dose naltrexone with no problems.
He began to respond almost immediately: anemia resolved, inflammation and other blood work normalized. He started growing again, caught up with his growth chart, and is now taller than both parents. Basketball performance and grades improved and he earned a scholarship to college.There were no UC lesions on follow up colonoscopy. More than 10 years later, he is still stable with no symptoms of UC.

welcome  Oklahoma City, OK

Rheumatoid Arthritis / 63 year old female

63 year old female, very active, otherwise healthy woman, business owner, having difficulty maintaining her business due to fatigue and severe joint pain with deformity of her hands and elbows. She was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis, but was worsening on Methotrexate and Prednisone so her Rheumatologist recommended a second immunomodulating drug. She didn’t want to do this due to concern of side effects and came in for integrative medicine consult and treatment.
Her treatment plan included individualized dietary changes, tailored supplements, microcurrent therapy. Toxicity testing was done and she had treatment for environmental toxins. She was started on bio-identical hormones, adrenal support, thyroid and low dose naltrexone.
Within three weeks of starting her tailored treatment plan, she was tapered off all her prescription drugs, had decreased pain, was feeling better overall and was moving around easier. Eleven years later, she is still not on any other drugs, RA improved and has not advanced, she has no pain or debility.

welcome  Oklahoma City, OK

Eosinophilic Esophagitis, Autoimmune / 32 year old female

32 year old female who is unable to eat solid food, has dozens of food sensitivities, chronic throat pain and is underweight. She’d been prescribed over a dozen medications without any improvements. She’d also tried multitudes of supplements, also without help.

Her treatment plan included multiple changes in diet, and eventually landed on a combination of food allergy elimination and macrobiotic whole foods with blood type consideration. She was also started on tailored supplements, did acupuncture, and started low dose naltrexone.

After 9 months, she was symptom free, eating whatever she wanted and was chagrined to be overweight! Over the ensuing years, she has maintained healthy diet, tailored supplements and LDN and she has been able to stabilize her weight and continue symptom free.

welcome  Oklahoma City, OK

Ulcerative Colitis / 8 year old Female

8 yo girl with abdominal pain, chronic bloody diarrhea, recurrent fevers, weighted only 22 lbs. She had chronic elevation of her white blood cells and all her markers of inflammation on her blood work. Her doctors had tried multiple medications but couldn’t get her symptoms stabilized. Repeat colonoscopies showed worsening UC disease and her doctors were discussing colectomy (removing her colon).

Her treatment plan included an individualized diet plan, tailored supplements, reflexology and low dose naltrexone.

Ten years later, she is still stable and symptom-free and hasn’t required any surgery. She gained weight and remains in normal weight range. She maintains healthy diet and supplements.

welcome  Oklahoma City, OK

Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis / 13 year old female

13 year old female recently diagnosed with JRA. She was started on prednisone, but not responding well. Her parents chose to look for more integrative and natural approaches to improve her overall health and decrease risks associated with long term steroids.

Her treatment plan consisted of a gluten free, organic, whole food diet; supplements; better sleep habits and low dose naltrexone.We also worked to improve her school and life stress.

After 2 weeks her symptoms were so much improved that she was able to taper off of prednisone. She has only had flares of pain when she eats poorly or doesn’t get enough sleep. After 5 years, she is still doing remarkably well.