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There is no physician like Dr. Windham!

In August of 2013 I lost sensation in my limbs which quickly escalated to an inability to walk. Loss of cognitive function quickly followed. After a long hospital stay and a battery of tests, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and it was explained to me that accepting the slow and steady decline of my body and brain would now be my everyday reality. That is when Dr. Deanna Windham came into my life. Her command of integrative medicine and cutting edge therapies, combined with her comfort cultivating the connection of mind, body & spirit soon had me, not only in remission, but healthier and more vital than before my diagnosis. There is no physician like Dr. Windham which is why I am over the moon about the launch of Whole Human Life Consulting. Having access to Dr. Windham and her team of holistic practitioners via video or phone consultations allows me to continue my journey to better and better health no matter where I am. The Website is easy to navigate and the Power2Patient portal tracks my progress, goals and future appointments. Thank you Dr. Windham for once again being at the cutting edge of Medicine and technology. May Whole Human Life Consulting be the health revolution we all join!

- Wendy E.
It is my honor to be at your service

We met Dr. Windham several years ago under an indescribably stressful time in our family as we were suffering the dangerous consequences of prior arbitrary and irresponsible standard medical treatment. In a striking comparison, Dr. Windham’s impressive knowledge, multiple treatment options, combined with an absolutely unique blend of high professionalism, sense of service, and a huge generosity of spirit, earned our full trust and every step of the way our enormous gratitude. Dr. Windham’s deep experience, open communication, obvious intelligence, and genuinely warm and caring manner set her apart from the numerous doctors we encountered prior to meeting her.Without exaggeration we can state that she saved our family, preserving our faith that healing was possible and guiding us while frequently saying “it is my honor to be at your service”. As we moved away, we couldn’t be rejoicing more now for the opportunity to continue working with Dr. Windham via telemedicine. She told us recently, “we do not need to have proximity to have a positive impact on one another”. Thank you, Dr. Windham, for the healing of our family on so many levels and your presence in our lives.

- Irina and Robert H.
Don’t waste your time shopping for doctors, make an appointment

I have been a patient of Dr. Windham for at least 15 years. I would like to tell anyone who will listen that she has helped me with many health conditions with much success.She is not only very knowledgeable but she truly does care about her patients. I would highly recommend that not only do you trust your health to her but the whole family should be under her care!

P.S. Don’t waste your time shopping for doctors, make an appointment!

Paul A.

Focusing on the whole person/problem, holistically.

We have known Dr. Windham for about fifteen years and she has always been very thorough, pleasant, helpful and above all very professional. We’re very happy she has decided to come back with this new “dream” and has created a medical enterprise, with a great and very useful web site, based on integrative (including functional and holistic) medicine. Dr. Windham has always been forward thinking and she has always believed in focusing on the whole person/problem, holistically. Her new enterprise and web site are a testament to that and much much more.

- Sue and Russ W.

Thank you Doctor Windham!

I have been working with Doctor Windham close to 20 years. When I met her I was not feeling well and my knees hurt really bad. At 40, I was not happy with my condition. After working together a little while, we got my treatment dialed in. I feel 20 years younger than when we met. I would highly recommend her if you are not feeling the way you would like to. Life is to short not to feel the best you can. I don't take any Prescriptions except a small amount of a hormone cream now and I enjoy every day.Thank you Doctor Windham!

- Janice

Aggressive treatment plan

Dr. Windham is an exceptionally brilliant doctor who truly cares about her patients. I started going to Dr. Windham many years ago when my health was in excellent condition. Unfortunately, my health rapidly declined due to an unexpected illness, but Dr. Windham quickly diagnosed my condition and established an aggressive treatment plan. When conventional medicine failed me, Dr. Windham used her knowledge and expertise in integrative medicine to put me on the road to recovery. She is a trusted partner in your healthcare journey who will fight tirelessly to optimize your health. I highly recommend Dr. Windham for all patients seeking the best medical treatments available.

- Brenda A.

My whole life changed

When I reached 60, I was taking Lipitor and Boniva regularly for several years. Something didn't feel right intuitively so I followed that feeling and found Dr. Windham.
It was such a comprehensive first visit and just being in her presence told me immediately that she could help me live a more healthy lifestyle that supports everypart of my being.
She put me on daily supplements that would decrease my cholesterol level naturally without the use of Lipitor. She also took me off Boniva and I starting taking products thathelped increase my bone density naturally. On that same day she helped me become awareof the benefits of Bio-Identical Hormones and I got started on them as well.
Every blood and bone density test I have taken in the last 11 years have proved very accurately that Dr. Windham's methods do work.
She is remarkable and deeply passionate about about her patient's well being and empowering us all to become healthy and vibrant whole human beings during our lifetime.

-Tammy F.

Dr. Windham is a Healthy, energetic, spiritual and Compassionate woman.

In 2016, I came to Dr. Deanna Windham, because I wanted a DO who treated the whole person. Having a specialist for every problem doesn’t work that well. I showed up very sick with autoimmune disfunction - (Hashimoto’s), no detectable hormones, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, degenerative facet and disc disease, chronic pain, extremely severe insomnia and with very little hope. I remember telling my husband that I didn’t think I’d live to the end of the year.

The DO I had BEFORE Dr. Windham, charged $2000 for the first appointment and $350 for each following appointment. After investing thousands of dollars, her assessment of me was that I needed to “walk more, and if I didn’t, I’d never get better.” Did she not hear I had to quit my job, fold my business, give up my ministries and was no longer able to practice hospitality? I left angry, misunderstood and “doctor shamed.” Did she have a plan for my debilitating insomnia? I was unable to sleep. I could be awake for 32, 48, 72, then 84 hours. My fatigue and pain were so impressive, I could not “walk more.” I felt sick at a cellular level, so much so, I felt like I was dying. When I left that day, I felt ripped off and disappointed. 🥺

DR. WINDHAM was highly recommended by a friend of a friend. My first appointment with her was the first time I felt hope again. She really listened to me and I felt heard and understood. That was a new experience for me. She took notes, asked questions, and looked me in the eye. I teared up and she said, “We are going to get you better. There is hope.” Then she gave me a gentle hug. I felt like a real person, not a number and not a disease to medicate. A real person. I’ve been to all kinds of doctors trying to get well... but never left feeling heard or really listened to. I did thatday.

Dr. Windham is a healthy, energetic, spiritual and compassionate woman. She offers hope and believes our bodies can heal themselves given the right ingredients. She researches the blood tests and gives recommendations I trust. I know that whatever she suggests, she would do herself if she needed it. I learned about the micro biome diet, the role nutrition plays in healing, and the value of some supplements. For a doctor to have these traits is rather rare. I’m so thankful for the study she has done to become a doctor and the training and education in becoming a DO. And grateful for how she has put that all together in becoming the physician she was meant to be. I believe God directed me to her, has used her in my life and has enriched me because of her.

She treats the whole person. Her mind is like a huge file cabinet or data base. She has the capacity to pull the “file folders ” from her memory that are relevant to the subject at hand. For instance, when she explains the blood test, I learn what the results mean and how they apply to my body. She is also an educator that practices what she teaches. Although she is highly educated, she speaks plainly and clearly in words I understand. Almost like a friend with whom I might have a glass of green tea. One very helpful practice she has, that I really appreciate, is leaving with a plan in hand. She takes notes, makes a plan, and types it out. This is the skill of a Master Communicator. Clear and concise communication. I know what to do after an appointment with her. I know how to better participate in my own health. I’ve never been “doctor shamed” by her. Now, I am sleeping regularly, my pain is mostly manageable, and I’m able to walk daily. 😀 I’m smiling again. Enjoying life again. I’m not just creeping along on my last leg anymore. I was so sick, my life stopped. Now, it has begun again. Are there words for that depth of gratefulness? I am so thankful for what Dr. Windham has done with her life and how it has helped mine.

Bobbi B.

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